Limonene – The Citrusy Terpene That Can Unlock Health Benefits


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Limonene – The Citrusy Terpene That Can Unlock Health Benefits…And Where You Can Find It On Our Menu


When life gives you lemons, peel that rind and inhale some of that limonene goodness. Seriously, there are health benefits associated with this citrusy terpene! Do not like lemons? Not to worry, Limonene is also found in oranges, rosemary, peppermint and cardamom. It is also found quite predominately in cannabis strains. Limonene is commonly referred to as the “uplifting” “happy” terpene.


Achieve Concentrates aims to preserve all natural terpenes found within the cannabis plant. Our small batch nug runs focus heavily on the terpene profile of the plant.

Terpenes are a cornerstone to the cycles of nature. Their strong aroma acts as a deterrent for various pests. Terpenes are the almighty protectors of plants, their fruits and their flowers.  Fun fact – the smell commonly associated with household cleaners is derived from limonene!

The health benefits gleaned from the use of terpenes has become a hot topic of research for many medical teams, this could be attributed to the rise of medicinal cannabis. Understanding how terpenes work can potentially unlock some of the secrets of the cannabis plant and offer insight into even more medicinal uses for cannabis.

Anti-Anxiety Benefits

A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University is exploring the anti-anxiety effects of Limonene while used with cannabis. Early studies show promise of Limonene reducing of anxiety when being vaporized with cannabis. Luckily, there are a wide variety of strains with this as their main terpene profile.

Limonene For Heart Health

Coronary function can also be improved by consuming Limonene. Early research suggests consuming this terpene may help reduce triglycerides and lower blood sugar levels. It may also increase “good” cholesterol levels. These factors are connected to a lower risk of atherosclerosis.

Limonene was also shown to reduce the size and intensity of possible heart injuries in animal studies.

There have yet to be any studies conducted on humans in regard to cardiac function and Limonene.

Fight Inflammation With Limonene

Inflammation is one of the leading causes in most chronic health concerns. Reducing inflammation has become paramount in the lives of many individuals. Limonene has been linked to strong anti-inflammatory properties. The reduction of inflammation throughout the body results in the relief from the suffering so many cope with on a daily basis.

A Powerful Anti-Viral

Post 2020 we all are a bit more familiar with the treatment and handling of viral infections. A laboratory study found that Limonene acts as a disinfectant against influenza A virus H1N1. Preliminary studies also suggest it aides in the treatment of COVID.

Herpesvirus is inhibited by Limonene as well. Making this terpene an excellent antiviral treatment.

Limonene Fights Fungus

“According to the current research, C. albicans is inhibited by Limonene’s main virulence factors. Limonene is an excellent candidate to be researched as an antifungal medicine due to its low toxicity, ease of availability and great antifungal potential,” said Saiema Ahmedi in a paper presented on The World Congress Of Infectious Disease.

The antifungal properties of this terpene are undeniable.

A Potential Aid In Stomach Upset

Limonene is also known to have a gastroprotective effect, which can reduce feelings of nausea caused by stomach upset or gastric pain. It is one of the leading terpenes being looked at for the treatment of nausea.

Strains With Limonene On Achieve’s Menu


Our live resin dab pens have an all-natural terpene profile, which is obvious when you taste these terpy pens. Our labels list the top three terpenes in each strain based on testing. This allows you to pick a strain with terpenes best suited to your needs.

The strains we carry with Limonene are:

  • Lava Cake
  • ORZ
  • Trop Soda
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Cereal Milk
  • Sherb Cake
  • RTZ
  • Gush Mintz

Find our products in store

Overall, Limonene can be used to treat a wide array of various ailments. You can find this terpene in a great deal of cannabis strains. Its benefits can be felt with both inhalation and oral consumption.





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