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At Achieve, we’ve set out to produce some of the most premium concentrates in the Arizona Marijuana market. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to set the standard for safety and achieving premium products.


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We envision a world wherein cannabis is globally recognized for its scientific, social, and economic potential. Learn about how we came to be.



Our premium Shatter is made with high quality starting material and prepared to achieve sheets of premium hash. This is the standard ‘go-to’ extract for many dabbers.



Distillate is the result of processing raw material and stripping terpenes. The result is a pure extract that is very high in THC with little to no terpenes.



Another staple amongst dabbers, Batter offers a high terpene extract that is high in THC and terpenes. A cake batter like consistency is easily handled by newcomers and experienced users.

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