Temple Ball Hash – What Is It?


Written by Achieve

Temple Ball Hash – What Is It?

…And How To Smoke It


Hashish, an extract with roots in ancient Asia, is making a comeback in the new era of cannabis. The origins of this concentrated form of cannabis have historical mentions dating all the way back to 1123.

Initially it was used an incense in Persia and Central Asia. Due to the high terpene content in hash, it is no wonder it was burned as a desirable scent.

While working the fields, the resinous parts of the plant (the trichomes) would stick to the fingers of crop workers. They would then roll the sticky substance off their hands, thus birthing finger hash or Charas.

Fast forward to the 1960s -1970s in Morocco. They became leaders in commercial hash production, where there was a wide availaibility of the cannabis plant. Due to the boom in hash

production, Morocco became a hotbed for western tourism for those seeking “Morocco balls”, and what we now refer to as Temple Ball Hash. This boom also led to various ways to produce hash resulting in various forms and various names for the same form of hash.

This tends to cause some confusion when shopping for and consuming hash.

Temple Ball Hash (Achieve’s Form of Hash) / Morocco Balls / Dry Sift Hash

Originating in Morocco during the ‘60s and ‘70s, flowers from the cannabis plant were placed in bags and hit with sticks to shake the trichomes off the buds. It was then collected and rolled into balls. Visually, they look like a Milk Dud. Our Temple Ball Hash is dry sifted kief, which separates the trichomes from the plant matter.

To consume this form of hash, you can roll it into a joint or put it on top of a bowl, it should never be combusted at a high heat. Temple Balls were produced long before the days of dab rigs and bangers, this substance is not meant for high heat combustion. Not only will it ruin the taste, but it will also ruin your banger. The high heat also burns it very fast, which means you are going to burn through your hash just as quickly.

Finger Hash / Charas / Fresh Hash

This form of hash is the OG of the family. Popular in Asia, the Himalayas, India, Pakistan and Nepal. While the cannabis plant is still fresh and uncured, the buds are sticky with fresh trichomes. Workers would rub their hands over the plant, collecting the trichomes and resin on their fingers. They would then rub their hands together, creating a sticky substance which could be formed into balls or “snakes”. This form of hash tends to have quite a bit of plant matter.

They would consume this form of hash by putting it into a pipe.

Bubble Hash / Water Hash / Ice-O-Lator

This form of hash is made by separating the trichomes and the plant matter using water, ice and movement. The best way to consume this form of hash is by putting it in a bowl, a bong or in a joint.

BHO Hash / Hash Oil

This one is tricky, as it goes by many names. Some will call it shatter, dabs or wax. This process uses butane as the extraction method, making it quite different from the more original forms of hash.

Due to its extraction method, this form of hash is meant to dabbed, unlike its “plantier” counter parts, it is best combusted at a higher heat.

Long Story Short…

Weezer had it right in 2001 when they sang, “I got my hash pipe”. Hash in its non butane AKA original form, is best consumed in a good old pipe, bong or joint. It is the ideal extract for those who want the concentrate experience without the hassle of a dab rig. The original solventless concentrate!

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